My name is Jeramiah Pearce. At night I am a Urology Tech at a local hospital. By day I am the owner and operator of Sumo Bonsai Supply. I am the guy who makes Sumo Cakes® fertilizer. I am the guy who runs this website, answers your questions, posts on Facebook. I am also the guy who packs your orders and drives them to the Post Office or FedEx.

I like to say “We” a lot because sometimes my Wife helps as well as my daughter. It is not always just “me”. Without my family and their continued support and encouragement, I would not be able to do this.

What We Do

We sell Bonsai Tools and other Bonsai Supplies. Our main product is our fertilizer. Sumo Cakes®.

I personally strive for competitive prices because there is no sense in overcharging in this already expensive hobby. If you find the same product someplace else and it is cheaper, I want to know. I might even be able to match the price for you.

Customer service is one thing that needs to be top-notch. I aim high on that. I am easy to get a hold of. You can use the contact form to reach me or even hit me up on Facebook.

Where are we located?

We don’t have a retail location other than the website, but we do offer local pick up if you want to drive to our house. We are located in Sartell, MN. Just choose local pickup at checkout. Then contact us for our location.

Contacting Sumo Bonsai Supply

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    Bonsai Wire & Raffia

    Copper Bonsai Wire

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    Fertilizer Baskets-Tea Bags

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    Bonsai Wire & Raffia

    Aluminum Bonsai Wire (150g)