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Kaneshin #59 Tweezers
fertilizer tea bags for Bonsai
No Delivery
Hello Stefan. You can email me at for general contact. If you look at the tracking history at USPS ( you will see that it says it is being processed by customs on November 4th. So the package is still in customs getting cleared. I did file the issue with USPS on November 5th. Case# OL5727551. When filing this claim I received an email stating that custom investigations in Germany takes up to 25 days. Please be patient. It is out of our hands at this moment. I have done what you have asked. I sent the package on time. Now it is just a waiting game for customs to do their job during a pandemic. They will and are supposed to contact you when and if there is a problem. Being that they have not contacted you yet, is a good thing. Thanks for your understanding Jeramiah
Callus Mate
First pair of real scissors
Kaneshin tools
Kaneshin Tools
Easy to use
Buddy Tape
Sumo Cakes
Buddy Tape is great stuff
Great seller
Really Nice
American Bonsai Wire Cutters
Sumo Cakes
The best product out there.
Best price!
Joshua Roth concave cutter
Nice jin pliers