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Awesome fertilizer

My bonsai love it- they are healthier and greener and more vigorous since I started using Sumo acid fertilizer!

Really good

Everything about this purchase was great! Communication and service was top notch. Shipping was fast. The tools were as expected. The best.

Micro nutrients make the difference

The cakes are easy to use, so far have not attracted animals that eat them and jump start plant growth in the spring. A great product!

Great Cut Paste

Great quality cut paste, easy to apply bottle. I like the pointed nozzle for applying paste to small diameter branch cuts.

Love the size!

Great hand broom. Good price. Thanks Sumo Bonsai!

Great product

I've been using Top Jin for a a few years. It's the best cut paste that i've used and I've used many different ones. Sumo Bonsai shipped quickly!

Sharp cutters and get the job done!

Working with Sumo Bonsai Supply is like working with a friend! As soon as they are restocked, I have some other items want to order!!

Tool kit

Kaneshin 4 concaves and 49 pliers. Everyone knows Kaneshin is legit, review is more for sumo bonsai itself. Item as described, best price I could find and fast shipping. What more could you ask for.

Sufficient Tool for the Job

It's constructed a bit more cheaply (i.e. plastic) than expected, but I think it's fine for what I need and the price paid. Can't comment on longevity, as I've only had it for a few weeks, but I'm trying to keep it out of the sun to avoid degradation. I have to be specific with how much I open my spigot valve. If I open it all the way, the spray is way too forceful. And then if I close the built-in valve to reduce that, it stops being a fine spray and the water starts kind of melding together and dribbling out. So I found I have to have the spigot valve open only a little. That gives me the best control of flow at the wand for watering my trees. It's not fantastic, but it sure beats the watering cans I was previously using.

sent wrong tape

Purchased perforated tape but sent non-perforated tape. Perforated tape no longer in stock. Owner refunded money which was great but I was looking forward to perforated tape.

Excellent Shears

Great general purpose shears, larger size than other Kaneshin shears, great for conifer work. Fit perfect in my hand and probably one of my most frequently used tools.

Kaneshin 50A Jin Pliers

I have slowly replaced almost all of my starter tools with Kaneshin. Their quality is second to none. The only stainless tool in my collection is a set of Kaneshin wire cutters, the remaining are iron but, kept clean and oiled, they look like the day I bought them. Some are 15 years old and you would never know it. Comfortable in use, quality construction, quality iron; overall, great tools.

As for Sumo Bonsai Supply, I have only ordered twice so far. Both to replace originals with Kaneshin tools and both experiences have been excellent. The order is filled rapidly, shipped rapidly and arrived correct to the order in excellent condition. I have been ordering my Kaneshin tools directly from the factory but, now, will continue to order from Sumo as the delivery time is quicker and the price, considering shipping, is fair. Besides, if there should be an issue with a tool, which I doubt there will be, Sumo is close enough to get it resolved much quicker.


Great product. Super fast shipping!

Buddy tape – worth the money

This is the second roll of buddy tape that I have purchased in less than a month. The reason is that I loaned out my first roll of tape and ended up letting my friend keep it as a gift. This tape is amazing. I just learned how to graft and incredibly enough my first attempt at grafting mango trees was successful. I would recommend this product to anyone and to buy it from Sumo Bonsai because I received the order in a couple of days. They are great to work with. These are my grafts using buddy tape on a basic T graft.

Exactly what I wanted

This should be enough Buddy Tape to last a casual hobbyist like me many years. I received the Japanese version just like in the pictures. The "starting tape" was hard to take off, so I thought I had to waste a layer on the roll. Then I used it, and that one layer covered two grafts. It probably could've covered three if I had that many to do.

The cheapest shipping option included tracking.

Got more than I expected

Great service Item was best price I could find. I received immediate confirmation via email, and follow up with tracking.
Item arrived quickly and in great condition, and I am very happy with how everything worked out. I ordered the buddy tape, I haven't used yet it but it is the real thing and I am excited to start grafting with it.
Thank you Sumo Bonsai

Buddy grafting tape

I ordered Buddy grafting tape from Sumo bonsai supply and it arrived in two days. I was extremely impressed with Sumo’s service. This is my first time grafting and I tried mango trees. Four days into the graft, I can see condensation on the tip of the scion and the buds appear larger. So it looks like the tape is working. It was very easy to work with, very stretchy and forgiving. Also a little goes a long ways. You only need one or one and a half pieces for a graft. I would recommend this product and Sumo Bonsai.

Best price anywhere and it arrived on time. Will recommend 100%.

Buddy tape

Excellent product. Top grafted my mango tree with over 90 percent success. Highly recommended

Great service!


I’ve seen great vigor and response from my trees using this. It’s also great to support small business.

Great supply source

Fast shipping, great packing and super happy with the watering wand. I’ll be a repeat customer.

Excellent Grafting Tape and Service

I was worried this was a knock-off buddy tape since the price was unbelievable. Not only is this authentic buddy tape at an amazing price, the service from Sumo Bonsai Supply was top notch. I quickly received notification when the product was back in stock, ordering was easy, and shipping was very fast. I would highly recommend anyone seeking real buddy tape to purchase this product. And the perforated version is easiest to work with because trying to tear the non-perforated version is quite a challenge. This buddy tape is strong, stretchy, and breathable. You can definitely tell the difference between this product, Parafilm M, and knock-off wax grafting tape sold via other Brazilian-themed online retailers.

Good stuff, easy application

This cut paste works well and is easy to apply. I got it to upgrade from the orange stuff I used to use. The brown color blends in much better with most bark, and the skinny tip makes for a no-mess application.

Fast and easy

I put the order in online and got my purchase very quickly very satisfied! Thank you!