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Excellent product, well built and works just like a sifter! I prefer the 12" because I can fit it to a five gallon bucket.

Very nice root hook. Nice weight to it and it feels solid in the hand. Combs through tangled roots easily without ripping and tearing. Definitely a change for the better if you have been working with a chopstick!

Quality Tool - great service from Sumo Bonsai Supply

I am a fine tool nut - The tools I get from Sumo Bonsai Supply are beautiful and practical.

Excellent product

I purchased this buddy tape to seal my fruit tree grafts and prevent desiccation. It is significantly easier to use than the cheap plastic stuff that came with my (cheap) grafting tool. I know parafilm M is supposed to be very good as well for my purposes but I have not purchased it yet to compare. This one roll should cover me for at least a couple hundred grafts if stretched properly. Seller communication is top notch and I would not hesitate to buy from this business again.

Great sifter - never knew I needed one!

I thought I was buying premium soil and then noticed all the "fines" accumulating as I used it. This sifter is generously sized and the interchangeable grates let you choose how fine you want to go. Already used it several times (repotting season!). A great addition to my bonsai gear!

I received the product in a timely manner and it works great!

Puchi Domes

Effective and easy to use. Perfect for shohin trees.

cuts so nice

Excellent shears that feel very nice in the hand and have a very smooth motion. More importantly though, Jeremiah is awesome to do business with. I was being indecisive during the purchase process and he was very accommodating and got my package of goodies shipped in a blink of an eye.

Looks good

It looks like the quality item I was looking for( maybe too soon to tell as it hasn't had areal workout yet). I'm pleased with the purchase.

Best shears and best seller

These are no nonsense no bullshit shears. Buy these now and thank me. In all seriousness treat your hands to these blue steel masterpiece shears.

Blackest of the black

This ink is perfect for coloring bonsai top-dressing components- very natural-looking results, and it was very easy to customize the amount of darkening for maximum realism .

Prompt Delivery

Even though I live in Ontario, product delivery was quick. Thank you.

Kaneshin 11

For the money, it’s tough to beat Kaneshin for value/quality.
The knob cutters fit my small/medium sized hand comfortably.


i will be using it in the spring on some evergreen that are doing poor. Will document. Ask me in July.

Typical Kaneshin Quality!

Another nice set of Kaneshin hand made scissors. They came very sharp, and they have a nice action. These are pretty burly, and they should handle some medium to heavy trimming. They are much more manageable than the crazy-large Kaneshin 41 scissors. Price is the only negative, but if you appreciate owning and using quality, hand made scissors, these are a great choice.

Order comments

Communication was excellent and shipping was fast. Thank you.

Good quality



Thanks! Great product!

Arrived quick and looks good.

Ordering was easy and the product arrived quickly. You get a good amount for your money. I will write another review after I've fully tried the fertilizer.

Decent quality

It's little hard right now, but overall I like it. And the shipping and customer service awesome!

Like this color which is hard to find in liquid paste.

Very good paste as described, very fast service.

Great Juice !!!

After going through 1 bottle, this seems to be a legitimate "juice" for your trees... everything they like in a form they can use... AND that was really fast shipping on this subsequent order of more bottles...

Great service and quality

It’s a pleasure to do business with Sumo. The Kaneshin concave cutter is great quality and makes.a huge difference from the bypass trimmer I was using on my garden bonsais.

I used these cakes last season and very happy with the seasons growth showing on a wide variety of conifers and deciduous trees. Excellent products, only couldn't get enough, so I hope you've stepped up to meet the growing demand.
I'm trying a couple of other products this coming season, acid mix cakes and the granules. Ask about those next fall, but I'm certain they will meet the same high standards as the original sumo cakes. Put me down as a sumo fan.

Superior craftsmanship; a pleasure to use

These "handmade" Kaneshin scissors are a great size for light to moderate duty trimming. The pair I received has no slop in the action, yet there is little if any resistance when using the scissors. They come sharp, and they touch up easily with a diamond or ceramic sharpening stone or rod. They are a pricey, but they embody craftsmanship from a bygone era and they are a pleasure to use.