Sumo Cakes Root Elixir

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  • Sumo Cakes® Root Elixir
  • Liquid Root Drench
  • NPK: 0.07-0.15-0.5
  • 16oz Bottle
  • Mix 2 tbsp per gallon of water
  • 10 Different Ingredients
  • 38 Different Beneficial Microbe Species
  • Good for Bonsai, Indoor/Outdoor Plants, Shrubs, Trees and more.
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Sumo Cakes Root Elixir Bonsai Fertilizer
Sumo Cakes Root Elixir


Sumo Cakes Root Elixir

Sumo Cakes Root Elixir is a liquid root drench and microbial inoculant. It contains nutrients that are immediately available to plants as well as soil microbes to encourage microbial colonization in the root zone. This colonization of microbes helps the plants to achieve enhanced nutrient uptake.

Great when used with other Sumo Cakes® branded fertilizers. Together you will be providing a micronutrient-rich, microbial filled root zone that not only provides good growth but allows for excellent ramification.

You can read about fertilizers in this article. Learn the Basics About Bonsai Fertilizer.
You can also read about the Sumo Cakes® brand on this about page. What Are Sumo Cakes®

Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in

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i will be using it in the spring on some evergreen that are doing poor. Will document. Ask me in July.

Great Juice !!!

After going through 1 bottle, this seems to be a legitimate "juice" for your trees... everything they like in a form they can use... AND that was really fast shipping on this subsequent order of more bottles...


Sumo Cakes Root Elixir

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This company obviously cares about customer service. Fast ship, good communication.