Sumo Cakes Acidic Bonsai Fertilizer

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  • Quantity: 12oz (Approximately 90 cakes)
  • NPK ratio 7-6-6
  • Multi-Source Fertilizer
  • Packed Full of Micro Nutrients
  • Vast Selection of Soil Microorganisms to Help Create an Active Root Zone
  • Loaded with Naturally Occurring Vitamins & Minerals
  • Great for Juniper bonsai, Pine bonsai, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and other Acid-loving plants.
  • Recommended for outdoor use but safe indoors.
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Sumo Cakes Acidic Bonsai Fertilizer
Sumo Cakes Acidic Bonsai Fertilizer


Sumo Cakes Acidic Bonsai Fertilizer

Sumo Cakes Acidic bonsai fertilizer is formulated for bonsai and plants that prefer a more acidic pH. This makes a wonderful fertilizer for conifers. Also great for azaleas and blueberries.

All of the Sumo Cakes® branded fertilizers contain nutrients that are immediately available to plants as well as soil microbes to encourage microbial colonization in the root zone. They also supply all of the essential macro and micronutrients that can help plants thrive.

By using Sumo Cakes® branded bonsai fertilizer, you will notice healthier color to the leaves and needles. You will also see healthier buds followed by more back budding, brighter flowers, and a healthier root zone.

You can read more about Sumo Cakes bonsai fertilizer at this link. About Sumo Cakes®

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 5 in

Application Guide

Apply Solid Sumo Cakes at the rate of:
1"-3″ container= 1-2 Cakes
4"-6″ container= 2-4 Cakes
7″-12 container= 4-6 Cakes
13″+ container= 6+ Cakes

For a good organic liquid fertilizer/root drench, dissolve 3-4 Sumo Cakes in 1 gallon of water. Shake to dissolve.


It is recommended to store these in a cool, dry location.

Customer Reviews

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Steven Hamari
Good shit!

I cannot speak on the effectiveness of the product since I just started doing bonsai, but I will say the packaging is cute and Jeremiah is very easy to get in touch with if you have a question.
Don't be dumb like me and only order one bag.
This is my second time shopping Sumo.

Jason Parrish
I love sumo cakes

Sumo cakes are quite simply the best slow release organic fertilizer cakes I’ve found.

William F.
Best fertilizer

The best fertilizer for my pine bonsai that I have ever found!

Prompt Delivery

Even though I live in Ontario, product delivery was quick. Thank you.

Order comments

Communication was excellent and shipping was fast. Thank you.

As advertised and quick

This company obviously cares about customer service. Fast ship, good communication.