I Love To Water Bonsai

I work nights at the local hospital and when I get home in the mornings I get to water my bonsai.

After a long night, I come home from work, and I get to do one of my favorite things, spend time with my bonsai. It’s relaxing for me (unless there are a million mosquitos). It gives me time to inspect my bonsai. To check for bugs and diseases. It allows me to unwind from the stresses of work.

I grab my water hose, turn on the water pump, and I water bonsai. I love it. It is relaxing to me. I know the trees are watered, and the air in the pots has been exchanged. I feel like I have given a new breath of fresh air to the trees. They look happy to me after a nice fresh watering.

My neighbors probably think I am crazy when they see me out inspecting my trees. I bend over and closely look at the branches for new buds. When I find new ones, it is so much fun for me to look at them every day and watch them swell and open. I particularly love watching the buds on my Ponderosa Pines swell and open.
Maybe I am crazy, but I love it. It is so peaceful. So relaxing.

In the summer, when I am out watering the bonsai, I see the dragonflies, tree frogs, and whatever else that comes along. It’s my little piece of nature in the city.

Over the years of growing bonsai, I have used many different watering heads or attachments. It is my fault because every fall, I suck at bringing the heads in for the winter. They would end up freezing and busting. I would spend $10 – $20 on these things every year. A couple of years ago, I started using the Joshua Roth watering wand. I have left it outside just like my other watering attachments in the past. So far, I have not had to replace this one. Plus, the water that comes out of the head is such a fine flow. It’s almost like rain. Maybe it is rain. I do use rainwater.

This is what Christian S. had to say about the Joshua Roth Watering Wand.

Almost like rain
“Great water flow without disturbing the substrate.”

Christian S.

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