I Hate Repotting Bonsai

Ponderosa Repot April 2019
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Ok I don’t really hate it as much as I did when I first started bonsai.

It’s not quite time for me to repot my bonsai yet up here in Minnesota, but its getting closer. I am repotting “Fat Bottom” into a Thor Holvila pot this spring. I can’t wait.

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When I first started bonsai I spent more time looking online and reading in books on how to repot. I was so unsure of myself that I blew past the proper time to repot my trees. I did it anyway and the tree died. 💩

It has become so much easier now, but I still struggle.

My trees are big and I am one guy. They get heavy. I am not a strong guy.

Take a look at the Repotting Section to learn more about:

  • soils
  • how to repot from a nursery container into a bonsai pot
  • how to repot an established bonsai.
  • You will also find photos and videos related to repotting bonsai.

I hope you enjoy the information.

If you need tools to aid you in repotting, check out the offerings in the store.

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