Benefits of Bonsai Top Dressing

Ponderosa Pine Bonsai April 2020
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Today I sent off an email to my list of subscribers about Top Dressing bonsai. I am horrible at the email game, but I feel it is important to communicate with the people on my list. After all, they signed up to be sent email. In time I will better segment my list so I provide only what the people want.

Creating and maintaining an email list should be top priority because you keep your members, supporters, and fans updated, everyone is treated equal because they know what is going on, they have the same opportunities, and they feel like they are a part of something. They will benefit from the equal treatment and in turn they will help support you.

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This is like Top Dressing on Bonsai (I know, a weird comparison). But it is true in a few ways.

Top Dressing on a bonsai (done correctly) helps maintain balance (equal) moisture and oxygen throughout the container.

It gives roots that want to grow in the top 1/3rd of the soil column the same chance to grow as the roots at the bottom 1/3rd. 

Roots prefer a dark, slightly damp, and stable place to grow and that is why they grow in the bottom of the soil column. Its dark, damp, and stable. This is one reason roots have a hard time growing in the top portion of our pots. There is to much light, its dry because of the wind, and the soil moves around when we water.

By using Top Dressing on our Bonsai we give those roots the same opportunity to grow, to thrive and survive. In turn, these roots will provide water and stability to the tree. This creates a stronger supportive network to help sustain the bonsai.

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